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About Norwegian AM

Our civilization offers incredible opportunities and inventions, and what the future may bring can only be guessed. At the same time, the world faces significant challenges regarding our resource consumption and energy needs in the years to come. Science has made us aware that our existence here in the world already affects our environment and our livelihood. Climate and unrest necessitate significant changes.

But what if it was possible to reduce our resource consumption by up to 90%?

What if we could eliminate the dependence on global supply chains?

What if the need for large inventories could be eliminated?

Additive manufacturing is a collective term for various forms of 3D printing. The technique is used today to produce everything from small parts to large buildings. In additive manufacturing, much less excess material goes to waste compared to traditional production methods, and there is a greater ability to produce units when there is a demand, rather than producing large batches and then trying to sell them.

Our purpose

The Norwegian Additive Manufacturing Cluster (Norwegian AM) is an association aiming to be the national network for additive manufacturing in Norway. The network is open to companies and organizations from all industries, as well as educational and research institutions. The network seeks to promote the development of an ecosystem and knowledge around AM in Norway, connect relevant stakeholders across industries, and stimulate growth, innovation, and new sustainable solutions.

Norwegian AM was established in 2022.

We aim to be a driving force for:


Norwegian AM will stay informed and actively participate in the international developments within AM to ensure that Norwegian stakeholders have updated knowledge and experiences. The association will promote collaboration with similar organizations internationally.


Through communication and outreach, Norwegian AM aims to be a prominent actor with a clear voice and a comprehensive understanding of the AM community and activities in Norway. Norwegian AM will facilitate favorable frameworks and regulations for the technology in Norway.


Take responsibility for organizing an annual AM conference, relevant workshops, and courses, as well as conducting awareness campaigns and ensuring participation in relevant forums. Showcase best practices to highlight the application areas of AM, digitalization, etc.

A broad community

Norwegian AM has emerged from a diverse business environment in Norway and is a nationwide network. The leadership consists of members from the Stavanger Region Business Association, SINTEF Manufacturing AS, the University of Tromsø, Capnor AS, Equinor ASA, Mechatronic Innovation Lab, and Probarents.

The companies and associations in the working group that established Norwegian AM