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1000 Kelvin GmbH

At 1000 Kelvin, we’re catalyzing a new era in industrial 3D printing by building AMAIZE—the definitive operating system for additive manufacturing. Our goal is to make AM as mainstream as traditional processes, fully unlocking its potential. Ultimately, no 3D print should happen without first going through AMAIZE.

3D Construction

We can print and weld in all prominent alloy types including carbon and stainless steel.

We can also print in concrete of variety of types, firmness and consistencies.

3D Net

3DNet har siden oppstarten i 2014 arbeidet for å gjøre 3D-printing stadig mer tilgjengelig.

Vi leverer 3D-printere til utdanning, forbrukere, næringsliv og industri; desktop- og benchtop-maskiner innenfor et budsjett de fleste kan forholde seg til. Vi har bred kompetanse på området, og utfører service, vedlikehold og opplæring på kort varsel slik at din bedrift kan dra nytte av additiv tilvirkning uten nedetid. Vi utfører 3D-scanning, tilbyr utleie av 3D-printere og printetjenester.

3D Production

We have become masters of our craft, and our craft is large scale 3D production. We create 3D printed solutions in metals like titanium, inconel, aliminium, tools steel and plastic PA 2200. Our solutions is for industries such as defence, casting industry and drone industry to mention few. We are commited to quality and exeptional service for our costumers.

Aarbakke AS

Our customers supply and install critical systems for the oil industry. Quality, delivery time, traceability and documentation are key success factors. In order to meet customer expectations in these areas, we have developed Monza:Engine, a complete production monitoring tool that controls every step of the production process.

We aim to be best at what we do, and believe in developing alongside our customers. This requires top quality machinery, control of all processes and a highly qualified workforce. But above all, it means that we take pride in every move we make.

Additech AS

Your additive manufacturing specialist, helping industry optimize products while reducing costs, time, and environmental footprint.


Aker BP explores for and produces oil and gas on the Norwegian continental shelf. In production we are one of the largest independent listed oil companies in Europe.

We operate six assets: Alvheim, Ivar Aasen, Skarv, Edvard Grieg, Ula and Valhall. We are a partner in Johan Sverdrup.

Our headquarters is in Fornebu, outside Oslo, and we have offices in Stavanger, Trondheim, Harstad and Sandnessjøen.

AM Chronicle

AM Chronicle is a neutral 360° Digital Platform providing knowledge sharing and business networking opportunities for the Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry. We keep you updated with the Global AM and 3D printing trends with a special focus on the fast moving India, APAC, Middle East and Africa regions.

AM North AS

AM North is a 3D printing center in Northern Norway, established in collaboration with NorSea Polarbase, GSG, and Pro Barents.


Aminet is the technology development company behind the DSIAME™ initiative, a decentralized collaborative platform for additive and on demand manufacturing. It enables project owners, suppliers and service providers the ability to securely do business, giving OEMs and patent holders complete control over their designs. It’s an eco-system that covers buy/sell options, IP rights, raw materials, recycling and quality assurance.

Apply AS

Moreld Apply is a leading multi-discipline engineering company, specializing in contracts across all project phases – from concept development and studies to completion and commissioning.

We offer a range of services covering operations, maintenance and modifications of oil and gas production facilities on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

Biesterfeld Norge AS

Biesterfeld Norge AS imports and distributes construction adhesives, lubricants, release agents, composite materials, potting compounds, and auxiliary materials for the electronics industry.

We are constantly expanding our product range to meet the expectations of our customers. We serve as a warehouse for all types of auxiliary substances and specialty chemicals that can provide our customers with a competitive advantage. Our goal is to be a single-source supplier of complete technical-chemical solutions.

Capnor AS

We are experts in laser scanning, engineering solutions and a smart combination of both of these activities. Starting in the oil & gas market, we managed to convince many other companies from marine, chemical, energy, civil, architecture and heritage preservation sectors that our services are indeed a business added value.

Castolin Trio AS

Castolin Trio is a worldwide leading company in refurbishment, modification, surface protection using advanced coating technologies. Our technologies range from laser (DED), welding and brazing, electroplating, and thermal spray (HVOF). We provide proven, value-added solutions to global industries.

Castolin Trio has over 20 years’ experience within AM for the Norwegian Oil & Gas sector and a proven track record with approved qualifications. Castolin Trio has two high-capacity laser units, one with 6-axis CNC controlled automatic welding and CAM software for welding of complex geometries.

Castolin Trio mission is repair instead of replacing to lower emissions, save energy and material, and to reduce cost.

Creator Makerspace

Creator is a non-profit makerspace in Stavanger, Norway. Our users are both individuals and businesses. Our makerspace is a prototype workshop where people with common interests meet to work on projects and share ideas, equipment and knowledge.


We are the independent expert in assurance and risk management. Driven by our purpose, to safeguard life, property, and the environment, we empower our customers and their stakeholders with facts and reliable insights so that critical decisions can be made with confidence. As a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful organizations, we use our knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations.

Equinor Energy AS

Equinor is an international energy company committed to long-term value creation in a low-carbon future. Our purpose is to transform natural resources into energy for people and progress for society.

F3nice AS

We provide metal powder made from 100% recycled scrap for additive manufacturing. Implementing the circular economy: we give a new life to the metal scrap, that would otherwise be considered waste. Using our powder you can change the impacts related to the 3D printed components, lowering their carbon footprint.

Fieldmade AS

Fieldmade is a deep tech company with expert knowledge within the full spectrum of the applied additive manufacturing domain. We use our knowledge to develop both technology and services for mainly (but not exclusively) the energy and defence sectors. Our ambition is to move the transformational AM knowledge into logistics – from the dreamer phase to the doer phase.

Fieldnode AS

Fieldnode AS is a software company that specializes in building technology to facilitate the digital transformation of supply chains. Our mission is to transform the costly and unsustainable process of holding large physical warehouses into a streamlined and efficient digital inventory system. By providing a cutting-edge technology platform, we enable on-demand small volume production and network manufacturing while eliminating the need for physical inventories. Our focus is on collaborating with leading entities and key stakeholders within the Energy sector to take the leading position in digital inventory technology.

Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt

Forsvarets forskningsinstitutt (FFI) is the defence sector’s own research institution. With high technological expertise and military and political insight, we contribute to the operational capability of the Armed Forces, long-term planning, as well as the competitive strength of the Norwegian defence industry. In short, we provide the entire sector with the knowledge it needs to address current and future challenges.

At FFI, we conduct applied research across a wide range of disciplines, and each project has clear practical objectives. Our work encompasses tasks such as analyzing the Armed Forces’ missions, the security policy situation, and security challenges in civil society, as well as providing advice on the acquisition and use of military equipment. This also includes the development of new solutions.


Forsvarsbygg is a state administrative agency under the Ministry of Defence. We develop, construct, operate, and dispose of properties for the defence sector. In addition, we provide expertise to other parts of the public sector in areas such as building security, cultural heritage preservation, and disposal. The property portfolio we manage includes many of the most distinctive and demanding buildings in the country, ranging from the 15 fortresses accessible to the public to military camps, shooting and training ranges, and airbases for the Armed Forces.


Our social mission is to provide, manage, and dispose of materials for the Armed Forces. We also facilitate industrial collaboration and international material cooperation.

Future Materials Norsk Katapultsenter

Future Materials is a national development and testing center for materials. The center aims to be the bridge that takes something from the idea phase to the pilot phase, making it easier to materialize.

The global demand for advanced materials is increasing rapidly, and there is tough competition to bring products to the market as quickly as possible! In the Norwegian industry, we must ensure that we produce materials that meet customer needs and satisfy the market. By improving the material properties in a product, we can also utilize materials to a greater extent and increase the level of reuse (circular economy).

We offer testing facilities, expertise, and a network to develop sustainable advanced materials for your company’s existing and new products. With us, you can develop, test, and verify your new products in an industrial environment. The material is at the center, and together we find the best solutions, whether they involve plastics, composites, metals, or other materials.

Futurum AS

Futurum AS is the business company of Narvik municipality, and the municipality’s first line service. We are the municipality’s first point of contact with entrepreneurs or existing businesses that have a business idea.

Industrial AM

Industrial AM aims to become a preferred supplier of industrial metal components using Additive Manufacturing technology. By reducing the use of materials and costly spare parts inventories, we aim to minimize world resource consumption, and work towards a more sustainable future.

Together with our owner partners we offer the complete value chain of 3D-scanning, design, manufacturing, machining, heat treatment, testing and certification. We collaborate with front-runners within modern fabrication technology, including R&D and innovation institutes. Our costumers range from oil and gas and minerals to maritime industry and seafarming.

Kaspo Maskin AS

Kaspo Maskin supplies machinery, tools, electronics, and other equipment to the workshop industry in Norway. We represent a range of quality manufacturers from Europe and Asia, and provide comprehensive solutions that include project design, installation, training, as well as ongoing and preventive maintenance.

At Kaspo Maskin, we place great importance on long-term partnerships, trust, and predictability – both in relation to our suppliers and each individual customer. The cornerstones of our business are advanced technology and the expertise and experience of our employees.

Laerdal Medical AS

Laerdal Medical AS is an international supplier of training and treatment equipment for life-saving first aid. Our goal is to contribute to saving one million more lives each year. Laerdal’s business and supply chain aim to become carbon neutral, work towards circular solutions, and align with the UN Guiding Principles (UNGPs) by 2030.

Locat3d AS

Through our platform we’re looking to align the two sides of today’s 3D (AM) market in order to increase method adoption and growth. Our solution provides; easier access,   organized and intuitive management, integrated payment solution, redirected and logged communication, multiple file uploads resulting in more possibilities.

Mechatronics Innovation Lab

MIL was established with the purpose of enhancing the competitiveness of businesses through the use and understanding of new technology. Through involvement and funding from the private sector and the government, MIL has built up Norway’s largest and most advanced tech lab. This collaboration between industry, academia, and the public sector has made MIL a technological hub of international standard.

MIL offers technology, testing equipment, and expertise for innovation in mechatronics and related disciplines such as robotics, sensing, autonomy, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and industrial 3D printing. As a partner in the Future Materials catapult, we contribute with equipment and expertise in materials development. Mechatronics Innovation Lab AS (MIL) is part of the national infrastructure for innovation, pilot testing, and experimental development of industrial products, systems, and services for market introduction.

Meisle AS

For over 20 years, we have been providing market-leading design services to a wide range of businesses across Norway. Throughout these years, we have built up specialized expertise that sets us among the best in the industry. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment in 3D printing, which opens up new opportunities for our clients. Get in touch! It can be highly rewarding.

Minoko Design AS

Minoko er en samarbeidspartner for designdrevet innovasjon og teknisk produktutvikling. Gjennom design og engineering hjelper vi både godt etablerte og nyetablerte bedrifter med å skape produkter som gir verdi for menneskene rundt oss, bedriften selv og for fremtiden.

MLT Maskin & Laserteknikk AS

MLT har de siste 28 årene representert oppfinnerne av akseloppretting med laser, nemlig tyske Prüftechnik AG. Vi på MLT har sammen med Prüftechnik utviklet oss fra å utelukkende være verdensledende innen laseroppretting til å også opparbeide oss en sterk posisjon innen service og instrumenter for vibrasjonsteknikk, balansering, samt 3D-skanning og metrologi.

Nordic Additive Manufacturing

NAM has its origins in an industrial environment that has transformed itself through multiple industrial revolutions. Adapting to changes and addressing new challenges has been and continues to be central within the Raufoss Industry. With exceptional material knowledge and solid process understanding available in the park, NAM is a crucial step towards the next major industrial revolution: Additive Manufacturing!

Nordic Edge AS

Nordic Edge is a non-profit organization working in close cooperation with private companies, municipalities, academia and citizens towards smarter and more sustainable cities and communities. Our aim is to be a driving force for the development, testing and export of smart city technology and sustainable solutions on behalf of our cluster members.

Nordic Edge – Agritech:
The Nordic Edge Agritech Cluster will unite industry pioneers, emerging start-ups, and tech specialists to redefine sustainable agriculture. Our core mission is to blend cutting-edge innovation with proven agricultural practices, ensuring smarter, greener, and more efficient food production.

Nordic Edge – Smart City:
Nordic Edge is leading an arena pro cluster for smart and sustainable cities and communities. Our member base consists of private companies, public sector, academia, and finance institutions, all working together to develop, test, scale, and export solutions for better cities.

Norner AS

Our business vision is to become the market leader in industrial R&D services within the development of innovative and sustainable polymer solutions in close cooperation with leading industry.

Norner covers the whole polymer value chain from catalyst and process development for polymerisation, polymer modification, polymer additivation, industrial applications of polymer to innovative solutions for plastics in a circular economy.

NTNU Norges teknisk-naturvitenskapelige universitet

NTNU is an internationally oriented university with its main campus in Trondheim and campuses in Gjøvik and Ålesund.

NTNU has a technical-scientific main profile, offering a range of professional programs and a wide academic breadth that also includes humanities, social sciences, economics, medicine, health sciences, educational sciences, architecture, entrepreneurship, arts, and artistic activities.

i Stavanger-regionen

Næringsforeningen i Stavanger-regionen is the largest business association and chamber of commerce in the country. Since its establishment in 1836, the organization has been working on behalf of its member companies to promote the interests of the business community and ensure that the region possesses the qualities that make people want to live and work here. We are the region’s largest event organizer, we publish the business magazine Rosenkilden, and we provide a range of services and offerings to the business community.

Pelagus 3D AS

Pelagus 3D is a global on-demand digital manufacturing partner, solving maintenance needs on-demand for the maritime and offshore industry through a fulfilment platform. Pelagus 3D uses additive manufacturing – 3D printing – to streamline the maritime and offshore industries’ supply chain. The thyssenkrupp-Wilhelmsen joint venture aims to make better custom, standard, and obsolete spare parts available on-demand.

PLM Group Norge

Our mission is to empower people and manufacturing companies to innovate. We do that by digitally transforming your entire value chain, integrating every stage of the product lifecycle from design to aftermarket.

Our 3D Printing division co-operates with world-leading additive manufacturing companies, allowing us to provide our customers with the latest and greatest technologies.

Pro Barents AS

Pro Barents er et regionalt innovasjons- og utviklingsselskap som leverer tjenester innenfor forretnings- og bedriftsutvikling.
Pro Barents administrerer bedriftsnettverket 3D Print GO.

Protech Norge AS

Protech is the leading Nordic supplier of professional 3D printers to schools, businesses, and industries.

Protech offers 3D printers from world-leading manufacturers such as Stratasys, MakerBot, and Xact Metal. The product range consists of 3D printers based on various printing methods such as FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling), PolyJet, SAF (Selective Absorption Fusion), SL (stereolithography), P3 (Programmable PhotoPolymerization Technology), and Metal PBF (Metal Powder Bed Fusion).

Prototal AS

Our goal is to be the most flexible and competent partner in the production of plastic components. Prototal AS prioritizes «time to market» and, together with our sister companies, offers the largest capacity in Northern Europe within our core business areas. With over 80 industrial 3D printing/vacuum casting machines and 100+ injection molding machines, we ensure this capability.

RoboTek AS

Robotek currently offers all businesses 3D printing design services as well as the ability to 3D print one or more parts. Robotek aims to be a collaborative partner for companies in Norway with the goal of ensuring sustainability at every step.


SINTEF is one of Europe’s largest independent research institutes.

SINTEF is a broad, multidisciplinary research institute with internationally leading expertise in technology, natural sciences, and social sciences. We conduct research as an R&D partner for industry and government and are among the largest contract research institutes in Europe.

Our vision is Technology for a Better Society.

Stamas Solutions AS

We produce high-quality equipment for the oil and gas industry. At Stamas, we can assist you with a wide range of technical challenges related to production, design, and prototypes.

Over the years, we have gained broad expertise in steel and metalwork across industries. The market guides our focus at all times, and our ability to adapt to this market is our competitive advantage. This ensures that the customer always receives the best solutions and that STAMAS is ready to meet tomorrow’s market.

Stratum3D AS

STRATUM3D AS was formed to provide businesses and industries with professional equipment and materials for 3D printing, 3D scanning, and related services at a reasonable and affordable price.

The focus area is technical plastic materials that can be directly used for applications that require high strength, chemical resistance, or other applications such as static electricity and flame retardancy.

Universitetet i Stavanger,
Institutt for maskin, bygg og materialteknologi

Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science covers research and research-based education within a range of disciplines.

The employees are divided into four research groups with their respective areas of expertise:

  • Civil and Structural engineering
  • Mechanical design, production and simulation
  • Marine and Subsea technology
  • Industrial Asset Management 


Leading Provider of Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Velo3D’s advanced, fully integrated metal additive manufacturing solution helps engineers build the complex, mission-critical parts they need without compromising design, quality, or performance.

voestalpine High Performance Metals Norway AS

The High Performance Metals Division of the voestalpine Group focuses on the production and processing of high-performance materials and customer-specific services. The division is the global market leader in tool steel and one of the leading suppliers of other products made of high-performance materials. The most important customer segments are the automotive, oil and gas exploration, mechanical engineering, consumer goods and aerospace industries. Our foundation for innovation in Additive Manufacturing at voestalpine is the development of new metal powders in our own steel mills voestalpine BÖHLER Edelstahl in Kapfenberg, Austria and Uddeholm in Hagfors, Sweden. With our extensive know-how of powder production for highest demanding tool steels we are now able to produce a wide range of purest powders for Additive Manufacturing, which can be adapted to specific applications. Equipped with the knowledge of our material experts, we are a frontrunner in this revolutionary technology.

At our innovation hubs we define the parameters of our new developed powders on various AM machines from manufacturers like TRUMPF, RENISHAW, SLM Solutions and EOS. Our team supports you with consulting, application development, design and manufacturing of parts. With our worldwide networks we cover a variety of industries worldwide, such as tooling, aerospace, mechanical engineering and Oil & Gas/CPI.

Volund Industri AS

Volund Industri aims to use 3D printing to contribute to increased production efficiency, local job opportunities, and improved results.

Vår Energi ASA

Vår Energi is the next-generation oil and gas company.

  • Leading independent oil and gas company on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Long experience with over 50 years of presence on the Norwegian Continental Shelf
  • Diversified and robust portfolio positioned for further growth
  • Committed to delivering a better future

Youblob AS

Youblob is an online makerspace solution developed to put the Makers and their DIY projects in the forefront, along with introducing new ways to incentivize idea sharing in the open space, collaboration across borders and earning a living as a Maker.

Zygizo AS

Zygizo is dedicated to innovative solutions for snow management challenges. Leveraging expertise in seabed exploration, we’ve developed cutting-edge technology for sustainable utilization of renewable resources. Collaborating with scientists, industries, and universities, our accurate and comprehensive solution measures Snow Water Equivalent and properties on local and large scales. With unparalleled accuracy, we promote sustainable development and environmental protection. Trust Zygizo to unlock snow’s full potential as a valuable resource.

Årdal Maskinering AS

Årdal Maskinering AS processes all material qualities in turning, milling, drilling, and pipe boring. We offer a complete delivery, including surface treatment, hardening, licensed threads, NDE inspections, and more. We do not have our own products but specialize in custom production upon request. Over 95% of our production is for the oil and gas industry.

One of our latest focus areas is Additive Manufacturing. We have a 5-axis Mazak integrex i-500 am hybrid machine. We can utilize DED technology by adding material and performing machining of the raw object immediately without involving multiple machines.

We are API Q1 and ISO 9001:2015 certified.